Monday 4 December 2023

A selection of 'Quiet Rhythms', performed by the composer

William Susman, who I have interviewed for Harmonious World once in 2020 (episode 16) and once in 2021 (episode 31), has released a new album. This time, he brings thirteen tracks from Quiet Rhythms Book 1 and Book 2.

These tracks are both eclectic and engaging and beautifully lyrical. Solo piano can be repetitive, but this is not. Showing influences from a huge range of musical forms, each quiet rhythm brings its own flavour and texture.

Quiet Rhythms has been recorded by other pianists including Vanessa Wangner, Erika Tazawa, Francesco Di Fiore and Nicolas Horvath (featured in episode 119), who recorded all of Book 1.

Quiet is largely undefinable, but this collection provokes a quietness and stillness usually impossible to convey in music and all about connecting with a reflective, inner sense. Recorded live at Spectrum in New York City some ten years ago, soon after they were originally composed, these tunes are beautiful, brief explorations of timbres across the whole piano.

Revisiting the recording during the 2020 pandemic, Susman said: "After a seven year hiatus, I liked what I hear and I am excited to share it." I hope you enjoy sharing it as much as I have.

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